How to Videoconference using Vidyo

Both SU and WSU are using Vidyo for videoconferencing, so this is probably the best option for VCs to SUCCEED sites and people.

Vidyo works well between SU and Madwaleni (a special case because of the satellite internet connection).

Vidyo requires the VC room to be “booked” beforehand.

Videoconferencing Guide (PDF)

Preparation for your Vidyo VC:

  1. The first time you (and your attendees) use Vidyo a browser plug-in will be installed.
  2. To book a Vidyo VC, please email walsh@sun.ac.za with: date, time and email addresses of attendees beforehand.
  3. Dr Walsh will send out a VC meeting request (email) to you and your attendees.
  4. The email contains a link to click on for joining the VC. Clicking on the link installs a browser plug-in (first time only). The email can be saved to Outlook’s Calendar.
  5. The presenter can be anyone on the attendee list. They can share any program or their screen with others.
  6. The best audio is obtained with the presenter using a headset mic (or good quality omnidirectional mic such as Jabra).
  7. Please contact one of the facilitators below well before you host your Vidyo VC for a trial run so you can familiarize yourself with the software. It is also advisable that some of your attendees join the trial run too - if possible.
  8. A facilitator will also usually moderate the VC room during your presentation to optimize bandwidth use by switching video/audio of the attendees off/on as required.


  • Dr Steve Walsh - walsh@sun.ac.za
  • Mr Sonwabo Ntlokwana - sntlokwana@sun.ac.za
  • Ms Yandisa Gwagwa - ygwagwa@wsu.ac.za