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Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED Adult Primary Care ECPDF2/16/2017233.90 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED AITA StudentPDF2/16/201778.98 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED Building Operational Research CapacityPDF2/16/2017530.05 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED COP Part 1PDF2/16/2017133.73 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED COP Part 2PDF2/16/2017110.57 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED Decentralised Learning Part 1PDF2/16/2017199.84 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED Decentralised Learning Part 2PDF2/16/2017767.85 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED IT InfrastructurePDF2/16/2017753.25 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED QI and Data ActivityPDF2/16/20173.41 MBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED Sub-grant UKZNPDF2/16/2017907.17 KBDownload
Planning2017.02.15 SUCCEED WSUPDF2/16/2017829.19 KBDownload
Workshop2018.02.09 Dissemination Meeting ProgrammePDF2/12/2018246.27 KBDownload
Workshop2018.02.09 Dissemination Meeting PowerPoint PresentationsZIP2/12/201844.94 MBDownload
MeetingCatch & Match SUCCEED Meeting 2016-05-31PDF10/13/20161.62 MBDownload
WorkshopCreating Localised Solutions for Effective decentralised Training for the Health ProfessionsPDF10/4/2017709.92 KBDownload
ResourceDecentralised Training Model ElementsPDF10/13/2016177.87 KBDownload
NursingFramework for Effective Decentralised TrainingPDF3/26/2018268.82 KBDownload
MeetingLiterature Review Scoping Update 18 JunePDF10/13/2016213.09 KBDownload
NursingNEI Policy Guidelines Orientation ActivityPDF3/26/2018159.45 KBDownload
ResourcePEPFAR Site ListPDF10/13/2016249.20 KBDownload
ResourceRequirements for a Videoconferencing-Training RoomPDF10/13/2016401.29 KBDownload
WorkshopSAAHE - The SUCCEED Framework for Effective Decentralised Training for the Health ProfessionsPDF10/4/2017982.43 KBDownload
NursingSUCCEED - Aims of Nursing EducationPDF3/26/2018152.08 KBDownload
WorkshopSUCCEED - Data Quality and Use for Improvement_2016.06PDF10/13/2016215.76 KBDownload
NursingSUCCEED - Nursing Education (Session 1)PDF3/26/2018193.68 KBDownload
NursingSUCCEED - Nursing Education Meeting (Feb 2018)PDF3/26/2018287.77 KBDownload
WorkshopSUCCEED - Quality Improvement Working Document PDF10/13/2016631.92 KBDownload
WorkshopSUCCEED 2015 Expert Panel Workshop AppendicesZIP10/13/20161.29 MBDownload
WorkshopSUCCEED 2015 Expert Panel Workshop Report Final 8 December 2015PDF 10/13/20161.06 MBDownload
WorkshopSUCCEED Expert Panel ProgrammePDF10/13/2016240.63 KBDownload
WorkshopSUCCEED Expert Panel Workshop Literature ReviewPDF10/13/2016738.03 KBDownload
ResourceSUCCEED Information SheetPDF7/18/2017383.15 KBDownload
NewsletterSUCCEED Newsletter - August 2017PDF8/3/20173.55 MBDownload
ResourceSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - Adherence Guidelines for HIV, TB and NCDs - DOH 2016PDF10/13/20164.26 MBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - AITA Student SUCCEEDsPDF10/13/2016812.49 KBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - DIP Strategic PlanningPDF10/13/20161.29 MBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - Overview and AchievementPDF10/13/20161.03 MBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - Overview Expert Panel WorkshopPDF10/13/2016769.40 KBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - Project Evaluation ProtocolPDF10/13/2016866.52 KBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting 31 May 2016 - Strategic PlanningPDF10/13/20161,004.92 KBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Planning Meeting at Feathers Lodge, 31st May 2016PDF10/13/20161.35 MBDownload
MeetingSUCCEED Slides for the Planning Meeting at Feathers Lodge - 31 May 2016PDF10/13/20161.35 MBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Elements of a Decentralised Training Model by Dr C GunstPDF10/13/2016381.72 KBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof BurchPDF10/13/2016404.11 KBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof CouperPDF10/13/20163.00 MBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof GaedePDF10/13/2016703.46 KBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof HugoPDF10/13/20161,002.83 KBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof MbokaziPDF10/13/2016979.86 KBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof TumboPDF10/13/20161.48 MBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof van der MerwePDF10/13/20161.61 MBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof van HeerdenPDF10/13/20161.69 MBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Prof YogiPDF10/13/20161.29 MBDownload
WorkshopWorkshop - Protocol WritingPDF10/13/2016473.14 KBDownload